Hey guys It’s me Nalla Anvitha back again in 2024, This Blog is all about my Experience in Delhi Mega Competitions!

It was the 5th of October – 2022

I packed all my clothes and necessities and got my first phone when I was 12 years old in grade 7, for Delhi, 5 days of staying.  The next day, I got up at 5:00 AM, got ready, and was prepared to board the train, then I met my friends…Only one friend of mine, not friends! Then said bye to my parents and I miss them and my siblings of course (I have a younger brother and a younger sister of the same age, they are twins) It was a 21-hour journey from Hyderabad to Delhi until then we played Uno (A card game) then I read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire then talked and stuff…. The day ended and the next morning it was 6:00 AM and we reached the station, took all the stuff and reached the bus station and it was another 2 hours of journey. My best friend and I took a nap and then reached the Delhi Gateway, (The climate was fabulous it was cold and cloudy and it also rained) we went to our rooms, Unfortunately, my room wasn’t with my best friend it was with a junior girl, me, our Principal and another good friend of mine,  got a bit freshened up and went to eat lunch (it was good just the Rotis, Rice was a bit dry and bad but all curries were amazing) then just free all-day later had dinner and had a good sleep.

The Main day, the 7th of October

When all the competitions were going to take place, Delhi mega competitions were where the students competed with each other through 110+ branches and various Activities like Sports, Arts, and academics. This year I took part in Academics (Speech) as I was taking the speech category for the past 2 years the same but those 2 years were online and didn’t get selected nor got a medal but I thought I was going to try my best. I was actually very tired as I was in my monthly menstrual flow. They gave personalized t-shirts with the numbers on them, it was colored Blue, pink, and purple with the AHPS logo on them. There were specific timings and my turn was from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM it was 8:50 and I was ready to deliver my speech about Video games. I’ve chosen that topic to raise awareness due to COVID-19, Many Children were addicted to phones (including me) but I tried to overcome it. Later when I entered the room there were 12 other participants too few girls and boys, I was feeling a bit nervous and the AC made me cold as hell and froze me, I was almost shivering and my legs were kind of shaking then it was finally my turn I took a deep breath and started my speech, soon it was done and they asked me a question and I gave a reasonable answer, everyone expected me to get gold or any of the medal but until…..

The Last day on 2022

It was the evening we got ready for the DJ Party I wore black jeans and a shiny T-shirt with pink shoes (I know it’s a bit gross combination with pink shoes, anyway I was still learning at that time and everyone will be having their first time for everything) and then went to the auditorium and they kept good hype songs and DJ songs too we danced a lot, enjoyed with I my best friend too. It was done we went and changed our dress, later went to a shop to drink Milkshakes and ate something, came to the rooms and I switched my room as it would be the last day, had a good sleep and was just waiting for the results…..

It was morning 7:00 AM our Principal mam came to our room and said I didn’t got the medal and nor did my best friend, she actually thought I’d get it but there was a lot of competition and I said to myself, It’s ok better luck next time, We’ll come back stronger next year, we packed all our stuff and took the 2 hours AC bus journey to the train station just enjoyed, back home again after 21 hours journey (I was the only one who bought the phone to Delhi even though principal mam strictly said no, but I somehow managed it as I said I bought it to blog and I was also her favorite student). Reached Secunderabad station, and my dad, mum, and siblings were waiting for me I was so happy to see them and went home. But a few days later they again in our school they gave awards for the participation.

The End of 2022 Delhi Mega Competitions.


2023 Delhi Mega Competitions – The moment where everything has changed!

It was October again Well trained, but I was hella sick for a few weeks before and after the competition, and all due to heavy practice in the game I damaged the soft tissues in my left leg it was so bad but it happened in December though thankfully. I was the Head Girl of 2023-24 in AHPS (I always felt proud when someone said, the two times highest position won Girl, in our cabinet elections) So yeah, starting again It was October 2nd,2023, I packed all my clothes in the suitcase and some things in my backpack like My training shoes, Spikes, Normal shoes, and Slippers. It was in good weight Until my mum kept Sooooo many snacks to eat that it became a lot heavier and hard to carry but I managed somehow I guess, Packed everything and ready for tomorrow.

It was 5:30 AM, and I was already prepared for the fourth time of Delhi Mega Competitions and well dressed. We reached the station and this time almost half of our class was participating including my Best Friend which made it a lot more fun and filled with happiness. We boarded the train, I said bye to my parents and we sat, it was actually a good girl group 9 of us. We listened to the songs for some time played UNO then took a nap, time passing and whispering game which was a lot of fun. When we were sleeping peacefully my stupid friends were talking about ghosts (of course we already knew we’d get scared) but they continued until we got frightened, In the end, my best friend and I slept by chanting Hanuman mantras.

The Delhi Gateway

The next Morning I Woke up, got ready, and off the station and got on the bus 2 two-hour journey, A girl wanted to sit beside me but I badly wanted to sit beside my best friend so did she, then we finally sat together, we were continuously taking, they gave breakfast in a box (they even gave last year) mango juice, Oreo biscuits, kachori and something which I don’t know and a sweet, in which I almost hated everything, so I just ate Oreo biscuits and drank  juice. The leftovers we kept in our bag. We reached Delhi Gateway and we were fully excited, as we entered we were the first branch to come, they welcomed us with the drums, and Humera mam (she was our in-charge) told me to dance and some other students too, my inner feeling was like (Seriously!! I HAVE TO DANCE IN FRONT OF ALL! HOW COMEE??) But later I thought as it was my last time I got to go enjoy and not think about what others think, So I danced a bit and then entered the rooms. There are several rooms and each room has numbers on it, each branch has specified rooms according to the number of members (Girls) For boys a separate building was there. For Our branch in Girls, there were 4 rooms, one was taken by grades 4-5, one for grade 6, and one for grade 7, In the end, there was only one room but in room only 5 to 6 members but we were 9 of us and some of them have to go to another room but as it was our last Delhi we thought we all will stay together no matter what and convince our in-charge. Later we started by keeping our stuff in the cupboards, there were 3 big cupboards and we divided them among Nine of us by taking each cupboard for 3 members.


Then it was an afternoon we took a bath and freshened up, and were going to eat lunch, then we got to our rooms and rested for some time…. It was 4:30 PM we started getting ready and wearing the uniform for the Opening ceremony this year it was different, each branch formed 4 lines, and after the lighting of the lamp we all marched fast to the auditorium from the ground and sat there until all the other branches reached. Then they started with some songs and then the main branch team like the CEO Ajay Gupta and all the members gave Speeches and then the best part was Pre-DJ it was the evening we all danced a lot! It was done and we were going to have our dinner. After dinner, we went to our rooms, changed into comfortable dresses, and slept well. The next day was the big day (competition time!)

The Competition Day!

We Woke up at 5:30 AM, we all freshened up put on our black shorts and T-shirts, and went to eat breakfast, we ate masala Idli which was kind of good and I had milk. Then, I and my Relay Squad prayed very well, it was in the corner of the canteen a small pooja mandir with the goddess in it. We said bye to our friends coz of the Nine girls, two of them were in Academics and 7 of us in sports, here we go! Ready for the competition. Swimming was completed, Academics were also completed, and then, badminton and long Jump, and the Last our Under-14 Relay, and everyone came to watch, We four were patiently waiting for our round until we lost our Patience, till then I called my mum and dad for the wishes and Then Boys Relay as done and it was our turn now. Until we realized that there were only 2 teams!! And we are going to definitely get a medal and they also congratulated us before but…Our opponents were Grade 9 and we were 8 It doesn’t matter actually butt the starter of the other team was way Taller than meee (I was just bothered because I was a starter too) But I Thought let’s just focus, give our best and let us not disqualify! Then one guy checked our wrists if we were sick or not and There we went, the movement of the truth, I was in Lane 1 they were in Lane 2, Then 3…2….1 GO! I ran as fast as I could and gave the baton to the second one I already thought I was a bit slow but, the second one covered the distance and overtook her then, the Third one for us was a lottt slower but the ending She covered the maximum distance she could and yeah Second Place without Disqualifying!

When you are very Tired of doing But still u gotta do it someway!…..

It was done and we were a lot happy that we at least got a medal then we had our lunch, and in the middle of the lunch, Under-14 relay boys were called as they were selected for the finals, as 12 members were participating in boys relay and we only had 4 lanes, later it was confirmed that they got bronze. We went to our rooms to take a nap but decided to drink milkshakes and eat something I have always given a treat to my best friend then it was done we went back to our room to rest… Then our Incharge and PT sir called and said any 3 students to come down as the director sir came and as we needed to greet him from grade 8, I was very tired and the other 3 girls went and I was nicely resting, Suddenly Sir called again and he was like, “you should also come as you’re the main one and your also the head girl, director sir is asking about you!!” and I was like Ok sir, But I was sleeping and I didn’t even get ready, I didn’t care about my looks and got dressed quickly and went to our director and then it was done while coming back I saw some stationary and DOMS Art supplies thought to buy something for my Siblings so I bought few supplies, even my friends bought something for their siblings, then we went to our the room.

The Last DJ in Delhi (Had Lots of fun)

It was 5:50 PM and we started getting ready for the night DJ Party, we went to the ground for the DJ this time as the auditorium was small because this year many students came. We danced like hell then we got bored a bit and went to drink water, after that we were hungry and thought to eat something, till now we only knew Froot Shot (Milkshakes) and beside another shop (It was closed) and only those were available, So we thought to search for some other shop, nine of us were searching and then we didn’t find anything until a junior boy came off our branch to us and said there’s a small Shop behind the boy’s hostel and he showed us the way (He’s at least better, like a small kiddo saying us, how good help it was!) Then we ordered Fries, chips, noodles, cokes, and sodas, We ate a lot then we didn’t have our dinner as we were already full (as we didn’t have junk food for exactly 2 months straight) Then I and two girls were lost while the other girls left while we were paying the bill, then we searched like hell and finally found them near the gardens (the opposite side of the Auditorium)  till 10:00 PM we were there, enjoying the cold air, then we thought to wear night dress and go out again as our dresses were too uncomfortable, we went to our rooms and changed, we were about to go out and SHIT! The doors were locked and everyone started blaming me because it was my idea, anyway, we were a lot sleepy so we went to bed and I slept (but my friends were scrolling through reels till midnight, I know because I woke up in the middle of the night)

The Last day, 7:00 AM

We got ready for the Awards Ceremony, we went to the auditorium, firstly they gave awards to all Principals of each branch then they started with the students in each category, Finally I Received my medal and I clicked pictures to send my parents. When it was done we changed into normal dresses and packed our luggage (We were badly putting all the clothes and trying to zip up each other’s suitcase as it wasn’t fitting) Then we said last goodbye to the gateway and off to the bus, but I and my best friend saw a shop open and we wanted to drink coke so she went to bring for both of us until she made it very late and I was a lot tensed but yeah, we finally got it! Again 2-hour bus journey and then enjoying a 21-hour journey on the train. Then finally we reached Secunderabad station and finally saw my parents, they were feeling very proud and they got me a bouquet! End of the day and Delhi stuff

My parents, I and my Siblings happily went home

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